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For sale Mollies/Molly Buy fish Full Grown Mollies/Molly 1.5"-2.5" Length 1Qty. $3.33 1.5"-2.5" Length 3Qty. $9.72 1.5"-2.5" Length 6Qty. $18.57 1.5"-2.5" Length 12Qty. $35.32 Shipping or freight cost are not included... Mollies Availability depending on stocks that we have. Mollies/Molly we sell are: Black Mollies ONSTOCK White or Silver Mollies ONSTOCK Golden Mollies ONSTOCK Chocolate Mollies ONSTOCK Balloon Mollies ONSTOCK Gold Dust Mollies ONSTOCK Dalmatian or Marble Mollies ONSTOCK All pics are taken from various site just to show you the kinds of Mollies/Molly I sell. If you have any question just PM me...:-) Type: Livebearers Temperament: Community Family: Poeciliidae Native To: North, Central, and South America Diet: Omnivore Adult Size: up to 6.5" Temperature: 72 - 82F Care Level: Easy Tank Size: 10+ gallons Scientific Name: Poecilia latipinna Environment: Freshwater/ Brackish Mollies are a peaceful and popular aquarium favorite. The Sailfin Molly is so named due to its distinctive dorsal fin. Best kept with other peaceful fish in a planted tank with plenty of open swimming area.
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Buy Mollies/Molly for Sale
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