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Written by WatchTower   
Tuesday, 12 August 2008 01:14

AMV(All Music Video) is a proprietary video file format, produced for MP4 players. But Many Anime Lovers and enthusiasts over the net create their own AMV and they called it Anime Music Videos. An Anime Music Video is a Video made from compilation of scenes from a specific or different various anime with the background Music of any song that the listener might deem fancy. They're rapidly gaining popularity over the internet with millions and millions of people, mostly kids, are trying to get their hand at making their own versions of these Videos. AMV's are usually displayed in Video streaming sites such as but not limited to Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Veoh and any other Video Hosting sites . What's so great about these videos is that they allow you to enjoy your favorite Music while watching all the best scenes of your favorite Anime.

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